Music Video Auditions in Minneapolis, MN

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Location: Minneapolis, MN

Type: Music Video

Spaceman is a narrative music video featuring a song by a local twin cities musician. We are currently scheduling auditions for the roles below. All roles are paid but must be available for the filming dates of September 29,30 and October 6,7

Auditions: Evenings of September 5 and 6

Seeking the following roles:

Young Eliza – Female, Age 12-18

Eliza is in love with Astronomy. She is ambitious and seeks to learn more about the universe and what it consists of. However, she does not let her ambitions get in the way of her close friendships. She is more introverted than extroverted, and more right brained than left brained, shown through her creativity. She is strong in her values and what she believes in. She is adventurous but is not usually the initiator.

Required Skills: Biking

Tommy – Male, Age 12-18

Tommy’s main focus and love is space travel. He is very ambitious and won’t let anyone stop him from one day traveling to the moon. He is a go-getter and will go on any adventure, no matter the time or place. He enjoys close friendships in the moment, but he knows that they don’t last forever.

Required Skills: Biking

Eliza – Female, Age 22-38

Eliza is now a grown woman. She is proud of who she has become, as well as her accomplishments and those of the ones she loves. She finds it difficult to fully look past the trials of her past, but understands that the trials are what shaped her into the motivated doer she is today. Therefore, she is ultimately content.

Required Skills: Swimming

For more information and to schedule an interview please email your resume and headshot to Jared at: as well as audition times that would work for you. (Auditions will take around 15-20 minutes)

Current audition blocks open:

September 5th:

Block C: 8pm – 9pm
Block D: 9pm – 10pm

September 6th:

Block G: 8pm – 9pm
Block H: 9pm – 10pm

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Minneapolis, MN
Please submit to:


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