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Black Lighting TV show coming back for season 2 and now in production

The CW Network is looking forward to a fresh, new season of the Super-Hero inspired show “Black Lightning.”   “Black Lightning,” a comic book inspired TV series premiered not all that long ago and the network has ordered another season of the DC Comic inspired series Georgia area casting directors with BACA have announced that the first episode of “Black Lightning” season 2, is about to begin production in early July and the show’s casting directors are looking to hire area locals who would like to work as paid TV show extras on set in the Atlanta and Decatur, GA areas.

The show is part of CW’s lineup that includes other CW comic based shows Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in this year’s lineup.

“Black Lightning“  is created by Greg Berlanti who has a relationship with the CW and has worked with the network on their other comic hero inspired shows,  Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.


Cress Williams plays Jefferson Pierce also known as Black Lightning and Christine Adams stars opposite Cress Williams as Lynn Pierce.

Originally, the show looked like it would land on FOX but according to Deadline, that deal fell and the series ended up on the CW Network. Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter are named as executive producers on “Black Lightning” with husband / wife team of Salim and Mara Brock Akil writing for the show, or at least that is what last seasons line-up was.

The show is set to be in production from around this time all the way to January of 2019.


Here is the Black Lightning cast call:


Here are our Specialty/Featured/General BG roles for upcoming episode. No exact dates yet, but episode shoots Thursday July 19th thru Tuesday, July 31st. Please submit photos of your CURRENT LOOK. Directors and Producers will see these photos so it’s important that what they see is what shows up on set. Also, please do not spam our account by submitting for roles you do not fit. It only decreases your chance of working with us. See specific below…

[Featured Male] Open Ethnicity; ages 35-60; Shady Business/ Politician types; you will do a photo-shoot with our principal actor; please only submit photos that insinuates the role; Featured Rate

[Manicurist] Asian Female; ages 21-65; LICENSED/EXPERIENCE ONLY; should be able to play as if you are non English speaking; please include school/work experience in submission email; Special Ability Rate

[Lipstick Bar] Open Ethnicity; ages 21-40; Lesbian, Gay, Transgender; We want this Bar to look like it’s Pride!!!

[Nurse] Open Ethnicity; age 24-50; REAL NURSE; will be used on set as a tech advisor; Special Ability Rate

[100 Gang Members] Looking for BG that have already been established as a 100 gang member last season.

If available email recent photos, include LEGAL name, age, phone, height, weight, all clothing sizes, (including shoes) to:


Rate $75/8hrs

Please list current contact information plus recent clear photos.


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