The Visit

Location: Vancouver BC, Canada

Type: Film

The is a short horror film for 72-hour horror film festival. The shooting date will be from March 7th to 9th in greater Vancouver area.
We are looking for three leading roles in our film:

1. Avery – Psychic (25-30)

Slender and charming at appearance.
Avery is a wise and very incentive-driven woman. She knows how to use techniques to attract clients and build connections. She is also bold enough to connect with spirits in the other realm. Her reckless and self-centred personality is also revealed in her romantic relationship with Edward, she is aware that Edward is married; yet she lures him into bed and talks him into killing his own wife.

2. Tiffany – Ghost / Edward’s wife (30-40)

Slender at appearance.
Tiffany is a kind and virtuous woman, who always puts family first, She loves Edward so much that cannot understand why Edward chooses Avery over her. After her beloved husband has murdered her, Tiffany, as a ghost, decides to revenge on them.

3. Edward – Tiffany’s husband (30-40)

Muscular and charming at appearance.
Edward is a romantic and flirtatious man. He loves Avery and is willing to do anything for her including killing his own wife. After murdering Tiffany, he does not feel guilty at all, but continues dating with Avery.

If you are interested in this filming, please send your photos and resume to We will send you the audition time, location, and sides through email.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Vancouver BC, Canada
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: October Studio Ltd.


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