Location: Denver, Colorado

Type: Theater

Audition Dates: May 28 from 4-7 and May 29 from 4-6, or video audition
Audition Location: Koelbel Library
Callback Dates: May 29 from 6:30-9

Rehearsals: Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings starting in late June at Koelbel Library

Performances: August 1-4 in Southern Denver
Prepare: 60-second contemporary monologue

Sign up:
More info:

Compensation: All proceeds go to charity, so unfortunately these are volunteer positions. However, actors will receive IMDb credit for behind-the-scenes videos, and we are happy to work with actors to provide anything we can.

Gabriella (F, 7-18)- Letters follows Gabriella as she grows up. Gabriella will be played by five actors portraying her at different ages.
Alex (M, 9-18)- Gabriella’s best friend. Alex will be played by three actors portraying him at various ages.
Jennifer (F, 30-50)- Gabriella’s mom. She does everything she can to protect Gabriella.
Christopher (M, 30-50)- Gabriella’s dad. Fun-loving but caring.
Grandma (F, 55-75)- Mom to Jennifer and grandmother to Gabriella. Classic cookie-baking, grandchild-spoiling grandmother.
Grandpa (M, 55-75)- Dad to Jennifer and grandfather to Gabriella. Him and Gabriella are especially close.
Adults (M or F, 19-70)- Seeking 5-10 additional adults to play various supporting and featured roles including family members, doctors, and nurses.
Kids (M or F, 6-18)- Seeking 5-10 additional children to play various supporting and featured roles including friends, cousins, and students.
3-Year-Old Gabriella (F, 3-5)- Also seeking a little girl to play the 3 year old version of the lead. She will only be in one scene and will likely only need to be at one rehearsal. Girls who fit this role don’t need to attend auditions, please email if interested.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Denver, Colorado
Please submit to: by 2019-05-27

This casting notice was posted by: Fetal Health Foundation


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