Utopia has been in the works for some time now. Around this time last year, the show was ordered for 9 episodes. According to various production reports, “Utopia” was originally to be produced with HBO and David Fincher was set to direct. Seems that deal fell through, but the show is back on for Amazon. “Utopia” is adapted for the US by Gillian Flynn from the original show which aired in the UK.  Gillian Flynn wrote the book novel “Gone Girl” and also wrote the screenplay for the movie adaptation. Another one of Flynn’s books is being made into a TV show.  Her novel “Sharp Objects” is being adapted for HBO and will star Amy Adams.


Amazon series

Utopia” centers on a group of people who meet online and find themselves involved in a conspiracy and followed by some kind of an underground, government organization that is wrapped in secrecy. The group finds a comic that changes their lives as they come to suspect that the stories in the book may be more fact than fiction.

Interested? See below for the extras casting calls:

LOCATION: BLOOMINGDALE, IL – we may be able to organize a carpool from Chicago if you do not have transportation to this location – please confirm in your email submission if you have your own transportation to the location.
RATE: $96/8 + $25 FITTING RATE

*This is a 3 day booking – so you must be available all 3 dates for both day and overnights. This can turn into more dates on future episodes*

1) MILITARY TYPES – Male/Female, Any Ethnicity, Age 18 – 40. We are looking for military looks – please only submit if you currently are clean shaven or willing to shave and if you are male – you must have a military style haircut. If you have facial hair – you must be willing to shave if selected. Please confirm the style haircut and facial hair in your email submission and if you are willing to be clean shaven. Women must be able to put their hair up in a bun or twist.

2) POLICE TROOPERS – Male/Female, Any Ethnicity, Age 21 – 55. Please only submit if you are clean shaven or willing to be clean shaven and have a clean cut hair cut. Women must be able to put their hair up in a bun or twist.

If you have already been booked on Utopia – Please DO NOT submit!
To be considered, you must have a POP Profile. To create a profile, click the following link and then follow the instructions on sending the submission e-mail:

If you already have a POP profile, you may continue with the submission email.

Send an email to with “MILITARY TYPE” or “POLICE” in the subject line:

PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN YOUR SUBMISSION. If the following questions are not answered, your email will be deleted.

1) Confirm you have a POP Profile

2) Include the following information: Name, phone, email, and PHOTOS of you and your vehicle if you have a car (for quick reference). If you do not have transportation to the suburbs- we may be able to still consider you as we may organize shuttles to get to the location.

3) You must go into your POP Profile via a computer, and upload the TWO requested photos – put them in the following slots; CURRENT LOOK: FRONT (FACE), AND RECENT NON PRO BODY SHOT (FULL BODY PHOTO) if that slot does not upload, then use BODY ALTERNATIVE (FULL BODY SHOT). The photos should be selfies in good lighting with a neutral background, no filters, no hats, no sunglasses.

If you currently have a photo in one of the slots mentioned, you will need to delete it prior to uploading the newer photo.

For any submissions with Utopia, the TWO photos must be uploaded to be considered. No exceptions.

4) Update your current measurements – Chest/Jacket, Pants, Neck/Sleeve, Dress and Shoe – the wardrobe department is asking to see sizes of many of the roles because you will need to fit a costume/uniform. As well, even if you bring clothes for a role, they want to know the sizes of the extras on set.

5) If you have a car – Give us the make, model, color and YEAR of your vehicle, and describe the condition of the car. Please note: you need the car to get to the location, and you will only receive the bump if your car is pulled and used in a scene.

6) Confirm you are available 6/5 – Day Shoot, 6/6 – Overnight Shoot, and 6/7 – Overnight Shoot.

7) Confirm you are available on either 5/30 or 5/31 for a fitting.

MINORS’ RATE: $150/8

All Ethnicity, Male//Female, Ages 3-17, must have current, valid Illinois work permit

NEW PROCESS FOR SUBMISSION: To be considered, your children MUST have a valid work permits AND parent’s affidavits AND be registered on our new 4 STAR POP PORTAL for MINORS. This information and documents can be found on our website @

**the affidavit is not the parental consent form used to obtain a work permit**

Send an email to with MINOR IDENTICAL TWINS OR MINOR IDENTICAL TRIPLETS in the subject line:


1) Include the following information of your children: NAME, CURRENT AGE (BE EXACT), HEIGHT, WEIGHT, CLOTHING SIZES, SHOE SIZE, PHONE and EMAIL – The TWINS/TRIPLETS can do one submission email, but EACH CHILD must have their POP profile.

2) Attach a current LABELED photo of your children – CURRENT PHOTOS OF THEIR CURRENT LOOK – FACE AND FULL BODY. In the profile, you should have individual pictures of each twin or triplet, but please also include a photo of the twins as pair or the triplets as a group.

3) Attach your children’s current work permit and Parent/Legal Guardian Data Collection Parental Verification and Consent affidavit (can be found on our website at, and this is not the parental consent form used to obtain work permit.)

4) Confirm you have completed the POP profile for your children – it must be done with a different email than yours (only if you are registered on our adult POP portal). Each user/child must have their own different email address to register.

5) Confirm if your children are in school or homeschooled?

6) Confirm your children’s mode of transportation: Public or Vehicle

7) Give us the name and email of each child you have created a POP profile for so we are able to look them up on POP to confirm you have correctly completed the process.

We will be in contact if your children are in consideration!

Below is more information on the Minor’s Portal Process.

The 4 Star Casting POP Portal for MINORS is now up and running.

The process is slightly different – you will need to visit our website @ to upload your children’s information to the minors’ POP portal.

You will need a separate, unique email for your children (if you, the parent, are registered on our Adult POP portal, it must be a different email). Each and every child must have his or her own email address that will link to his or her own profile.

You can find the paperwork required, including the Parent/Legal Guardian Data Collection Parental Verification and Consent affidavit (which is a new legal document, and not the parental form required to obtain the work permit), in the paperwork for minors on our website. The parent affidavit is required for all children 17 and under. 18 and older should use the adult POP portal. The PARENT AFFIDAVIT MUST be uploaded as a pdf.

You must also upload each child’s work permit – which should be named with your child’s first and last name, name of the employer listed on the work permit and the date of issue of the work permit (current and valid, it expires one year from issue date).

While we can accept Empire Casting Co Payroll work permits on some projects, we can not on all, so we suggest uploading the 4 Star Casting work permit over others. We also accept talent agency work permits such as Lily’s, Shirley Hamilton, DeStanti, etc. The work permit MUST be uploaded as jpg or png.

Children who are 16 and 17 will require a document that proves age, i.e. driver’s license, state ID, school ID, passport and/or birth certificate. PROOF OF AGE MUST be uploaded as jpeg or png.

If you do not upload the forms (work permit, proof of age and parent affidavit) in the required format, then your children’s profiles will hover in an uncompleted, pending application.

If you are having issues – send your children’s names and the email you used to create their profiles in an email to either the show you are trying to submit your child for and/or to with the subject line: MINORS’ PORTAL UPLOAD ISSUES. We can not look up or help without the information requested.

If your children’s information changes, i.e. look, height and weight, measurements, make sure to log on the computer and update the sizes.

You should have a minimum of TWO photos in your children’s profile, including CURRENT LOOK: FRONT (FACE) AND RECENT NON-PRO BODY SHOT (FULL BODY).

If in the past, you mistakenly registered your children on our Adult POP database, please send an email to with your children’s names and the emails the profiles were registered under, so that we can delete and/or make those accounts inactive.


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