Peace, a Massacre, and the UmbrellaSan

Location: San Fransisco Bay Area

Type: Theater

We are a group of enthusiastic artists working on bringing a timely trilogy of plays to the Bay Area. Peace, a Massacre, and the Umbrella is a trilogy of surreal plays by Katrin Arefy that aims to question the idea of us versus the other.
The play will run one weekend in late February. Our rehearsal schedule is twice a week (one weekend and one weekday) from 6:00 to 9:00pm. The exact schedule depends on which part of the trilogy your role is. We will try to make the rehearsal schedule based on the actors availabilities.

We are casting 2 women and 4 men to play up to three roles in the different parts of the
trilogy. We are looking for diversity in age and ethnicity so please send us your headshot and reel for immediate consideration.

PMU aims to question the idea of us versus the other. In the first play of the trilogy, THE ELBISNOPSRES!, breaking news about a distant civilization turns the prosaic tedium of a middle-class households day to a tempest in a teapot. Their attempt to overcome their fear-inducing ignorance by turning to their limited resources results in a farcical event. In the second play, A MASSACRE, discovering a pile of dead bodies in the middle of an office, work colleagues become embroiled in repetitive, predetermined, and nonnegotiable discussions. In the final play, LOVE IS A CARROT! OR CAN YOU LOVE THE UMBRELLA?, six pseudo-intellectual housemates get into endless groundless arguments, contradicting themselves and creating a cacophony of mad unreason. Unable to listen to each other or think outside of their very limited open minds, the characters are truer to our own world than we would like to believe.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: San Fransisco Bay Area
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