Location: Rotherham

Type: Web Series


A loner is invited for a game night with a group of new friends. But things are not quite what they seem as the night takes a sinister twist.The group, wearing masks, will chase their game through the woods. And it isn’t their first time.

2 main actors:

Aella: Female – Under 25. Victim. Must be comfortable running and acting scared. Short clip showing this character being dragged away so likely to get a bit dirty.

Theo: Group leader: Male preferred – Under 25. Some running required.

Plus a couple of extra group members (male and female).

Make Up Artist

Make up artist(s) needed for special effects (scrapes/ cuts) that the main character will get as she falls or runs through the woods.


There will be a meeting at the University Centre in Rotherham on the 11th November at 4pm to meet each other and go through the story with myself and the other actors and crew. Coffee, tea and biscuits provided. Filming will happen all on one day and will take around 5 hours. Dates for filming will be discussed at the meeting but I anticipate it to be either then take place the 15th or 18th or 19th, although there is flexibility.

Actors are expected to make their own way to the UCR in Rotherham however group transport will be arranged from UCR to the woodland along with some food and stuff to keep us going.

No payment, except travel and food, but all participants can have a copy of the film or clips for their portfolios.

2 Locations:

1 – University Centre in Rotherham

2 – A Woodland around Rotherham (TBC)

Feel free to ask for more info on the story. To apply please pop me a message over letting me know which part you are interested in.

Deadline is 7th of November and I’ll be getting in touch with everyone by then. Thank you.

Payment: non-paid

City or Location of call: Rotherham
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: By Katie Leigh


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