Supporting child actors needed for student short film (Singapore)

Location: Singapore

Type: Student Films

Project name: Pretty When I Cry
Genre: Psychological Drama
Language: Mandarin

Role 1: Young Irene
Screen age: 12 years old
Description: Caring older sister
Physical description: Chinese race, average size, able to speak mandarin (not dialogue-heavy)

Role 2: Young Venus
Screen age: 7
Description: Feisty younger sister, grass is greener on the other side to her
Physical description: Chinese race, petite, able to speak mandarin (not dialogue-heavy)

Role 3: Casting director
Description: Alpha male, brutally and uncomfortably honest, rude
Screen age: 40-50s
Physical description: Large/ heavy stature, able to speak mandarin

If interested, please contact Liz at or 8858 3468.

PRETTY WHEN I CRY is a psychological drama about IRENE, a sister-manager of a social media influencer, and her descent into madness due to jealousy and greed. Through social media posts, we discover that VENUS, her younger sister, has been gaining popularity due to being controversial. In reality, Venus is a puppet for Irene’s gratification of success and has been hurting due to false rumours and lack of privacy. Irene has to make a choice between her sister or her desires.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Singapore
Please submit to: by 2019-11-20

This casting notice was posted by: PHC Productions


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