The new CW show Katy Keene is coming to the CW Network shortly and the TV show’s episodes are filming now in the New York area.


Katy Keene is described as a musical dramady and was developed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Michael Grassi. Katy Keene is based on a character from an Archie Comic. The show focuses on 4 young women who are following their dreams and trying to become famous within their separate artistic fields. The show is also described as a spin-off of Riverdale. Katy Keene is being set some 5 years after Riverdale. Katy Keene is being produced by Berlanti Productions along with the original character creators, Archie Comics. WB Television and CBS Television Studios are also involved in the show’s production.

The starring role of Katy Keene is being played by actress Lucy Hale. Hale plays an up and coming fashion designer who struggling to get her career on path in The Big Appls, New York City. Ashleigh Murray who was in Riverdale is also in the show and will be coming back in her old role of Josie McCoy. The show was announced some months back in May of this year and will be premiering for the 2019 / 2020 TV season.


Lucy Hale has also been sharing the shows clips in her twitter feed.

Lucy Hale


See you in 2020 🌟 @CWKatyKeene


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According to online descriptions and the CW Network, the Riverdale spin-off’s description goes as follows…..

Katy designs clothes for anyone she can, including her friend and roommate Josie, whose singing talent catches the attention of Alexander Cabot, a CEO who hopes to reboot the record label division of his father’s corporate empire. But Alexander’s dream of signing Josie to a recording contract meets resistance from Cabot Media’s powerful senior vice president Alexandra, who also happens to be his twin sister. Josie and Katy’s roommate, Jorge, works at his family’s bodega and has his eye on Broadway, but after a series of rejections, he hopes to take his drag performance career as Ginger to the next level. The mysterious Pepper Smith plans to open her own version of Andy Warhol’s Factory. She has the connections, but no one seems to know where she got her money or if she really has any at all. As these aspiring artists take on the runway, the recording studio, Broadway and the New York social scene, they find more than just a career in the big city — they find long-lasting friendship.


GWCI is seeking NONUNION to portray Upscale Shoppers for Season 1 of the CW Series “Katy Keene!” Works Friday 10/11 in Long Island City, NY. Interior scenes. Shooting for winter season.


THIS IS PAID WORK!!! Nonunion rate is $165/10hrs.

You may email current photos to please change subject line to read “FB UPSCALE SHOPPER 10/11” and include the following in the body of your email:
-Confirm you are nonunion
-Phone #
– Current NON-PROFESSIONAL photo in a causal photo/selfie that depicts your current look
– Current NON-PROFESSIONAL photo that’s appropriate for the role, e.g. wearing very high end upscale clothing (Please do NOT send blurry photos, in bad lighting, with filters, sunglasses, etc. NO HATS PLEASE!!!)
-What IDs will you bring for your i9? (If you have a VISA or Employment Authorization Card please let us know!)
-Height and weight
-Note if you have very high end winter clothing that you can bring to wear in the scene.
-Confirm you are okay wearing winter clothing in the scenes.
-Fully Avail 10/11

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