LACCD (Fall & Winter 2018 Photo Event) Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions – 


Do you take headshots for actors, musicians, and entertainers?

Yes! This event is for you !The look of a headshot for an entertainer is going to be different from a corporate portrait/business headshot. Check out our tips for the best looks.

Do I need a makeup/hair artist?

We recommend that your headshot looks like your everyday you. Our makeup artists specialize in headshots and natural-looking makeup, so if you have a hair and makeup artist at the session, he/she will talk to you about your everyday look and apply makeup to look natural, but more camera-ready than the regular/daily makeup we usually apply ourselves. We especially recommend getting a makeup artist if you never wear much makeup or haven’t liked the way your self-applied makeup has looked in past photos, or if you tend to have a lot of redness or rosacea that needs to be color-corrected with makeup for a photo.

Available upon request (Extra charges may apply)

How many photos do you take?

We’ll keep taking photos until both you and the photographer feel you have plenty of photos to choose from and that there’s enough variety.

How long does it take?

It can depend on how quickly that happens: for some people it’s 10 minutes, for others 30 minutes of actual shooting. Give yourself about an hour for a one-look session so we’ll have enough time to chat, choose clothing and backdrops, and take the photos, though we may finish early. If you’re adding a makeup artist or additional looks block out about 2 hours in your schedule just to be safe.

How do I get the photos? 

All of the photos will be delivered to you digitally 5 business days after your shoot. All of the photos are color corrected. Retouching can be purchased for $30 per photo.

How long until I get the photos delivered to me?

After a studio session, you’ll get a link to an online proof gallery emailed to you typically within 24-48 hours. Delivery of your final photos will depend on how many photos are being delivered, if you’re doing retouching, and our schedule for that week, but it averages at about 5-7 days.

How much is it? Can I create a custom package?

No cost for your session! Totally free. Here is some information on our sessions outside of the express Hollywood Headshots Event for an in-studio sessions here, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, email us and we’ll quote you a price.

How long will this event/ promotion last? When will it end ?

December 1, 2018 is our last date to schedule appointments for year, you still have time, so get your free headshots now!

Any further questions?

Please feel free to connect by emailing

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