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Casting Call

Get cast in “Dynasty”

Dynasty is coming back to TV. That’s right the popular 80’s prime-time soap opera is in production one more time and the new season is now filming in the Atlanta area.

Last year, in September, the CW network announced that the show will be getting a reboot and bringing back the characters of the original series, of course, with a new cast to tell the saga of the powerful Carrington family. This is the second 80’s prime-time soap opera to get a remake as a few years back Dallas did the same. Unlike Dallas which continued the original story with a new generation of rich guys, Dynasty will be resurrecting the old characters with new actors.

Sometime back it was announced that a reboot of the 1980s prime time soap opera Dynasty was being developed as a new TV series by the CW Network. According to the Dynasty wiki page, The new show is being co-written by Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, and Sallie Patrick. Also, the network announced that the original creators of the 80’s hit soap, Richard and Esther Shapiro, were on-board to produce.

The new series pits one heiress against her soon to be step-mother, with Fallon Carrington (the daughter) facing off against dad’s new wife, Cristal. The original Dynasty premiered on January 12, 1981 with powerful oil tycoon Blake Carrington played by John Forsythe  about to marry his younger secretary, Krystle Jennings (Linda Evans). Beautiful, and new to Blake’s rich and powerful world, Krystle finds a hostile reception in the Carrington household, especially when it comes to Blake’s daughter, Fallon, played by Pamela Sue Martin. The Dynasty TV show also made British actress Joan Collins a household name when her character Alexis, was introduced in season 2.

Dynasty cast

Seems that will be a story line in the new show as well, with the exception that Krystle Jennings is now Cristal Flores, a Latina… Let the back stabbing begin!

The original Dynasty was filled with family squabbles, power grabs, and all the usual drama one would expect from a soap opera. The Dynasty TV pilot was shot quite a few months back in the Atlanta area and season 1 of the show is also filming in the ATL.

Dynasty will star Grant Show as Blake Carrington, Nathalie Kelley as Cristal Flores, Elizabeth Gillies as Blake’s daughter Fallon, and James Mackay as his son Steven. The pilot, which was announced in September 2016, was ordered to series in May 2017. Dynasty will premiered on October 11, 2017 and is currently filming the 2018 season of the show.

get cast in Dynasty TV show

If available email recent photos, include LEGAL name, age, phone, height, weight, all clothing sizes, (including shoes) to: DYNASTYEXTRASCASTING@gmail.com


#Casting now …

Type: Reality TV


Are you or someone you know a homebuyer who has recently bought or is in the process of buying in the state of Georgia? We are seeking couples, families and individuals who are looking for a large home of 4 bedrooms or more and over 3,000 square feet (preferably built before 1950)! Have you ventured outside the city in search of an older home with lots of space and charm? Perhaps you recently found that roomy home you’ve been dreaming of! We want to hear from you for a fun new show!

Please send an email to casting@enterthepicture.com and include your name, phone number, location, and photos along with some information about your home search!

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Georgia

This casting notice was posted by: JILL BANDEMER

Casting now …


Casting for upcoming stageplay called “I Survived.” looking for ages 16 to 60 years old. Auditions will be held July the 28th from 10am- 4pm. Actors, please come prepared with a 1 minute monologue and be ready to do a cold read as well. Singers, come prepared with a 1 minute song. Please be sure to submit your headshot and resume to secure you audition time slot.

Place: Sound Doctrine Deliverance Ministries International
Address: 202 W.Broome St. Lagrange, Georgia, 30240
Date: 07/28/2018
Time: 10am -4pm
Email: elijahparham15@gmail.com

Character Breakdown:

Lilly: Lilly is a mother. A woman who has been through hell and high water in life. She battles with depression due to her past as a preacher’s kid. She soon finds out that she has breast cancer. Must know how to sing Ages: 21-35 (A/A Female)

Lamar: Lamar is the son to Lilly. He’s very outspoken and opinionated. He wants his mother to get better, so he’s takes on responsibility to make sure that things around the house is taken care of. Must know how to sing Ages: 16-25 (A/A Male)

Pastor Thomas: Pastor Thomas is Lilly’s father. He’s an upright man, he very strict, controlling and demanding. Religion has caused him to turn his back on his daughter and her feelings. Must know How to sing. Ages: 40- 60 (A/A Male)

First Lady Thomas: First Lady is Lilly’s mother. She is a woman of peace and prayer. She doesn’t have the same views as her husband but she goes along with it because she don’t won’t to go against his will. She respects him. Ages: 40-60 (A/A Female

Kimberly: Kim is Lilly’s best friend. She funny and crazy. They talk about everything together. She’s a praying friend as well. Ages 21- 35 (Open ethnicity Female)

Dr. Vandell: He is Lilly’s Doctor. He helps her get to her journey of wellness. He’s kind, loving and gives good advice. Ages 25-45 (Open ethnicity Male)

Nurse Dena: She’s crazy, outgoing and she says what’s on her mind. She want the best for every patient in the office. Ages 35-50 (A/A Female)

Brian: Brian is Lilly’s deadbeat baby daddy. He doesn’t have a relationship with his son. She asks him for help but he refuses. When he finds out that Lilly have cancer his tries to change his life around. Ages 21-35 (A/A Male)

City or Location of call: elijahparham15@gmail.com

Casting … Multiple Open Roles

“Alura” Filming in Atlanta, GA


Alura – (18 to 25, Female, Open to all Races) – Alura is a good natured person who has always wanted to help others out. Her goal since she was a child was to become a superhero. After training for years she is told that she could not become a hero because of her body type. (For this role, we’re looking to someone with more of a curvy body type.)

The Judge ( Late 20s to Late 30s, Male or Female, Open to all races) The judge is the person who decides that Alura is not the right body type to be a hero. The judge is a failed superhero that believes that, “if I can’t do it, than I can at least judge the new heroes”

Charlotte – (Late 20s to Mid 30s, Female, Open to all Races) – Charlotte is the older sister to Alura. She is very supportive of her younger sister. Alura considers her to be one of the greatest heroes of all time. Charlotte is the first female police officer that has powers to be allowed on the police team.

Blair– (18 to 25, Female, Open to all Races) – Blair would be considered to be the perfect hero type. She is in perfect shape and give the off an A-list superhero presence. Unlike Alura she never had to desire something, she was given everything she ever wanted.

Please use the subject line “ATLHero (Role you’re auditioning for)

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Georgia
Please submit to: vtyacasting@gmail.com by 2018-07-21

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