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Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Type: Film

Now Casting for short film “Day of Fate”

Day of Fate is a short film that takes place in a world of emerging superheroes.
The film all takes place in one day as we follow Fate, the first daughter of a former villain, as she tries to make it through the day to earn enough money to take care of her sick father. To make things worse, this day happens to take place during the biggest hero fight that the city as ever seen.

Maya – (18 to 23, Female, Open to all Races) – Maya is the Side Kick of Ms. Skylar. She has the power of super strength. Maya is known to be a bit of an emotional brat and quick to run into a battle without assessing the situation. (We are looking for someone who has a muscular build for this role.)

Hayden – (Mid to Late 20s, Female, Open to all races) Hayden is Fate’s best friend. Hayden is considered to be a bottom level villain, one that heroes and even the cops don’t even bother to deal with. Hayden is a bit of a conspiracy theorist. ( Hayden is more on the heavy/curvy side)

Model – (18 to 30, Female, Open to all Races) featured extra role; seen in advertisements throughout the world of the movie. We’re looking for models of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re interested in submitting for a role please send your headshot, full body shot, and Resume to the following email with the subject line “2019Fate”

Send all emails to

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Georgia
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Vid T Yo! Artist



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Location: Atlanta

Type: Film

Casting talent for a non-union short film on February 22nd:

Title: It Comes With It
Project Type: Short Film
Production Date: February 22, 2019 to February 23, 2019 (Night Shoot)
Location: Atlanta, GA
Is there payment for the actors?: Yes
Description: A group of hungry friends go to a fast food restaurant after a late night joyride, but their emotions swiftly change when one unusual action leads to a resonating effect and lost appetite.

Please respond with “It Comes With It” in the subject line along with the Character’s name you are auditioning for. You must select a particular character to audition for. Email resume, headshot, a video link to film reel if possible, full name and contact information. If selected, we will respond back to schedule an in person audition. E-mails are sent to

Serious Replies Only.

Character Breakdown:

Kace – Mid 20’s, Black, female, level-headed, goes with the flow at times but has no problem to speak her mind if need be, sees the bigger picture in things.

Rachel – Mid 20’s, Black , female, nonchalant, indifferent, wants to diffuse tense situations. Even if she has the right to remain upset, she will still try to take herself away from it because she doesn’t want to make it worse.

Trevor – Mid 20’s, Black, male, Southern drawl, abrasive, obnoxious, a firecracker with little patience. He has no filter and no problem to speak his mind. He is the spark to ignite the group’s momentum when together.

Fast Food Worker (Voiceover Only) – Early 20’s to early 30’s, female, very hospitable, southern drawl, incorporates Atlanta slang in her vernacular, provides solutions to problems, breaks down the effects of choices, not backing down of her actions for the sake of the customer.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta
Please submit to:


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Musical drama Star is now filming new episodes.

Central is releasing casting calls in the Atlanta area for talent that is local to the area and would like to work as a paid extra on Star.

According to the FOX description…

Star’s life in the foster system didn’t dull her dreams, but it did give her the strength to pursue them. Committed to following the path to fame in the cut-throat music industry, the singer tracks down her sister, Simone, and her best friend from Instagram, Alexandra, and the trio make their way to Atlanta. Once there, they find support in the form of mother-figure Carlotta and a down-and-out talent agent named Jahil who takes an interest in Star. As the young women chase down their dream, they find that ambition has a price and sometimes that price is too high.

Interested?  Here is the current extras need on the 2019 season of Star.




CALLING ALL HIP-HOP, RAP, COUNTRY MUSIC, POP, ROCKSTAR, BOY BAND ARTIST TYPES. We are looking for MEN and WOMEN over 18 to portray ARTISTS for an EXCITING FINAL EPISODE OF THE SEASON SCENE! Must be able to portray 20’s-30’s age range. All ethnicities.

If this is you, please submit an e-mail to with your current photos, sizes, and contact information with “ARTIST MONDAY” in the subject line.


Get Cast in the TV show “The Resident”


Georgia’s Central Casting are the extras casting agents on the project and they are still looking for background actors to fill various small, non-speaking roles, in the TV series. Atlanta area residents interested in the parts can check out the available roles listed below.

The show premiered in January 2018 and is still in production of season 1. The series is described as a medical drama and stars Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp, Manish Dayal, Moran Atias, Merrin Dungey, Shaunette Renée Wilson. With Melina Kanakaredes and Bruce Greenwood. In the series, Matt Czuchry plays Conrad Hawkins a brilliant doctor at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital whose charm is not to be outdone by his ego. Dr. Hawkins takes risks and is known for unconventional approaches to medicine that often time work out in his and the patient’s favor. Joining him is Dr. Devon Pravesh, an idealistic doctor who with the help of Conrad Hawkins, begins to understand that medicine is a business and may need to be treated as such.

Dr. Conrad Hawkins also feels that it’s his duty to open the innocent eyes of the hospital’s 1st year residents to what the business of medicine is actually about and that the lines between what is ethical and not are often times blurred. The show takes a bit of a cynical view on modern medicine with the cast walking the fine line of morality.

According to the FOX IMDB description – “The Resident” centers on an idealistic young doctor who begins his first day under the supervision of a tough, brilliant senior resident who pulls the curtain back on all of the good and evil in modern day medicine. Lives may be saved or lost, but expectations will always be shattered.



Interested? Here is the casting call for The Resident

Work: 1/17
Location: Conyers, GA
Rate: $88/10


Looking for MEN and WOMEN over 18 to portray VISITORS AND PATIENTS. Must be able to portray 20’s-50’s age range. All ethnicities encouraged to submit.

If this is you, please submit an e-mail to with your current photos, sizes, and contact information with “VISITOR 1.17” in the subject line.


CBS’s  TV remake of “Macgyver is filming season 2 and is in production in the Atlanta area and Central is looking for locals who would love to work as paid background actors.  Please see below for available roles.


The cast of MacGyver  includes Lucas Till as Angus “Mac” MacGyver, CSI’s George Eads plays Jack Dalton, Sandrine Holt is cast as Patricia Thornton. Also in the cast are Justin Hires and Tristin Mays.


MacGyver – New season


Coffee/Apartment Patrons: Men and Women ages 18+ and older. Max Dress 10. Max Waist 36.

If this is you please cal; #678-686-2386

(Please only call once, if you get a voicemail leave your name and number)

A secret agent unlike any other, MacGyver escapes perilous situations with nothing but a paper clip, his trusty knife and his wit. A dynamic re-imagining of the hit TV series, this action packed origin story follows a young hero as he undertakes missions to save lives and change the world.

MacGyver stars Lucas Till and George Eads. Season 2 of the show premieres this fall on CBS.