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Casting in Chicago

Casting Call for horror comedy short film Truth or Die. The film is about a possessed deck of Truth or Dare cards. I can offer competitive compensation as well as a stipend for travel and meals. We will shoot in early January in Milwaukke, WI. Please submit headshots and reel to the supplied email. Thanks!

Available roles:

1) Miranda (F, 18-30) Strong, clever, funny. Miranda keeps her head as her friends are dying around her.
2) Steve (M, 18-30) Intelligent and noble. In the end, Steve is too brave for his own good.
3) Paul (M, 18-30) Awkward and uncomfortable. Steve continues to accidentally survive despite his ineptitude…at least for a while.
4) Emily (F, 18-30) Attractive party animal. She is the instigator of the game. **This role requires nudity**
5) Laura (F, 18-30) Quiet and reserved. Laura slowly comes out of her shell over the course of the film…while she’s still alive. **This role MAY require nudity**

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago, IL
Please submit to: alectjohnson4848@gmail.com by 2018-11-01

This casting notice was posted by: Alec Johnson


Chicago where are you … Casting now for student short film


Type: Student Films


Story Synopsis
A superhero short about Moon Girl and the Prince, as they battle with Satana, Queen of the Underworld, in her latest caper: a diamond heist deep in the heart of the city.

Moon Girl (Female, 23-30 years old)
A superhero dedicated to protecting the city of Rawley. A fierce warrior with sensational strength and endurance, she’s as beautiful as she is powerful.
Brunette/black hair
Stage combat training strongly preferred

The Prince (Male, 23-30 years old)
Moon Girl’s arrogant superhero partner. Athletic and well-built, he is described as a true son of Hercules. He tends to be very over-confident and sometimes condescending.
Ideally over 6’0”
Black hair ideally
Stage combat training strongly preferred

Satana (Female, 25-35 years old)
The Queen of the Underworld in the city of Rawley. With no superhuman abilities, she has a cunning criminal mind and fierce fighting skills. She rules with an iron fist.
Stage combat training strongly preferred

Satana’s Henchmen (Male, 21-30 years old)
Followers of Satana that carry out her criminal capers. They range from dim-witted to paranoid of the heroes, also fearful of Satana and wouldn’t dare to upset her.
Stage combat training a plus

Hulking Henchman
Satana’s “champion”. A man of such physical strength, he doubles as Satana’s lead bodyguard. Is essentially built like a bodybuilder and doesn’t say much.
Stage combat training a plus

Send a headshot and resumé to Tavia at stellamargotfilms@gmail.com.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago
Please submit to: stellamargotfilms@gmail.com by 2018-06-29

This casting notice was posted by: Tavia


Are you a proud conspiracy theorist? Do you dredge the depths of the internet seeking answers to questions few dare to ask…or even think to question? Do you question everything from alien abductions to seemingly random tragedies and celebrity deaths? Do you think that vaccinations are placebos or that the earth is actually flat? Do friends and family feel your extreme doubts and beliefs border on paranoia? And are you frustrated with them because you feel like you have proof for your theory?


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