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Tryout for Survivor 2018 & 2019

CBS Survivor auditions are coming to various cities next month looking for the next contestant to go after the $1,000,000 prize.

Do you have what it takes to outwit, outlast and outplay even the most devoted Survivor fans? If so, here is a chance to land a very coveted spot on CBS’s Survivor. The new season of the show is now casting and the Survivor tryouts are coming to various areas of the United States to hold video taped tryouts for the show.

Survivor is a hit reality show, one of the longest reality TV shows currently on Television.  Survivor takes a group of strangers and drops them off at a remote location. The group is split up into 2 tribes which battle each other in various physical and mental challenges. Each week the losing tribe votes someone off until the 2 groups merge, more people are voted off and eventually 3 players remain.

When the show is down to 3, it is up to the voted off cast members to crown a winner.  After a vote, one contestant will get crowned the lone survivor and claim the prize of 1 million dollars!

Tryout for Survivor 2017

All participants must bring a valid driver’s license for identification and age verification.

Open Calls are held by our local CBS affiliates. They will be putting you on tape so there is no need to bring anything, but your ID to the open call.

One-minute auditions will be recorded for each contestant.  Applicants are encouraged to creatively express why they should be considered for “Survivor.”

2018 Auditions for Survivor

Oklahoma City, OK
Sunday, September 30 / 1PM – 5PM
Oklahoma City Zoo
2101 NE 50th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Foxborough, MA
Monday, October 8 / 10AM – 12PM
CBS Sporting Club
200 Patriot Pl
Foxborough, MA 02035

Temple, TX
Saturday, October 13 / 10AM – 3PM
Temple Mall- Next to Peggy’s Coffee
3111 S 31st Street
Temple, TX

Foley, AL
Saturday, October 20 / 10AM – 2PM
Off the Foley Beach Expressway at 1501 South OWA Blvd
Foley, AL 36535