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Power BI Online Training by Edureka

Location: Maryland

Type: Theater

American Immersion Theater is a national company that puts actors in a variety of incredibly interactive performances. In this digital age, we have too many people watching entertainment through screens. When they do go to see a show, they sit and watch it in silence. Here at American Immersion Theater, we want to break that fourth wall and give people a chance to be a part of the story. With your help, we get to do just that. We provide people an escape from the everyday and help them to believe. Our mission statement is as true as it is simple- American Immersion Theater is a story about you.

How to Prepare:
You do not need to prepare a monologue or read a play/script before you attend auditions. Rather, come in with an open mind and an energetic attitude. Be ready to engage in guided improv scenarios and group interaction.

The typical audition is structured in two parts, consisting of a set of improv skill tests followed by improv scenes in which the actor is provided a set of circumstances and asked to create a cold improvised scene with a partner(s).

What to Expect:
-It is recommended to be 15 minutes early for your scheduled audition time slot.
-Audition time slot groups perform for 15–20 minutes with 5 minutes saved for questions.
-Actors are notified within one week via email with the results of their audition.
-We contact all actors, whether or not they have been cast into the troupe.
What to Bring:
-A current headshot
-An acting resume — all levels of experience are welcome to audition

Payment: paid

To schedule an audition, please visit https://ait.careers

City or Location of call: Maryland
Please submit to: casting@americanimmersion.theater

This casting notice was posted by: American Immersion Theater


Casting …

Barefoot Blonde Hair

Reality of Trump

Location: Maryland, WDC

Type: Theater

I have booked Bus Boys and Poets on 14th & V, for a staged Reading of my play Reality of Trump. I would like the players to be comfortable with their characters and convincing. I know it isn’t a lot of time. I have enclosed a link to the play. Feel free to read and share, if you know someone who may be interested.
I am thinking of a get together meeting on Sept 29th, perhaps followed by a full rehearsal, or at least with those available.
When you respond, please let me know which part you are interested in and why. I will also set up a Facebook group, so we can communicate.

We had a reading in Raleigh, and all involved agreed it should move forward. The stories are based on real and important under reported stories. Hopefully , a full production will happen someday soon. The picture is of reading cast from Raleigh, but not looking to duplicate necessarily.

This play explores how 6 women’s lives have been impacted by Donald Trump. It is mostly written in the form of documentary theater. This is their stories.

Reality Winner – a 26 year old Air Force Veteran jailed for leaking a document detailing Russian meddling in our elections.
Billi – Reality’s mother, who retired early to focus on helping her daughter
Katie – woman in her 30s who was raped as a young teenager by a rich powerful man.
M. Butina – a Russian sparrow.
Janice – a senior activists, good friends with
Peg – a senior activist.