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Casting in Memphis

Bruno Mars

Location: Memphis, TN

Type: Web series

Quentin- Goofey and awkward member of the Hot Cocoa Brigade. He’s also a terrible driver with a lead foot. Must be 16-18 years old (For legal reasons)
Coffee goons- (extras) Mind controlled goons of Coffee Inc. 14-20 years
Patrons- (extras) Young, eclectic coffee shop go’ers.
Arlo- Quentin’s best friend. Kind of a jerk seeing as he betrays his best friend and The Hot Cocoa Brigade. 16-19 years old

The Hot Cocoa Brigade Members- (Extras) members of the underground secret organization who are attempting to defeat Coffee Inc.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Memphis, TN
Please submit to: julienne.l.watson@gmail.com by 2019-02-01

This casting notice was posted by: Julia Watson




Location: Memphis, TN

Type: Reality TV

I am looking for a variety of actors for a hit Travel Channel Show called Legendary Locations. The rate for each job is $100 in cash. The shoot should take 3-4 hours for each if not shorter. We are shooting recreations, so there is no audio and everything will be shot in slow motion. Below are all of the parts. All scenes will be shot within the Orpheum theater downtown.

1/ MARY CATHERINE- (12 years old) Long braids1921 and ghost.

2/ DR LEE SUTTER- male 40’s (1977 Parapsychology Professor scene 12,14,16).

3/ BRETT BATTERSON- himself, expert.

4/ FEMALE ACTRESS, ADULT – This will be a person playing themselves

5/ ACTOR ON THE STAGE – (recre scene 8),perhaps one of the ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ cast (all men have beards).

6/ ROSANNE SORRENTINO – (young actor playing ‘Annie’ in scene 10)

7/ Cast of ‘FOTR’ – 3 to 5 actors, men have beards – scene11,12,14,16.

8/ GROUP OF ADULTS – (scene 22, 24 recre). Modern clothing 3-4 men, women.

9/ Piano Player scene 22,24.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Memphis, TN
Please submit to: nate.lipp@gmail.com

This casting notice was posted by: Nathaniel A. Lipp