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Casting … NOW in Orlando !

Austin Reed

Hazel is 18 and moving away from her hometown and the only place she has ever known. Packing up her room into boxes, Hazel reflects on memories of her youth while faced with looming adulthood.(Roles)
Hazel –
Age Appearance: 16-20
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Any
Hazel (18) is moving away for college and reflecting of memories from her childhood as she finds them quickly slipping away. She is at a crossroads in her life as she is not quite a child anymore and still not an adult yet.

10-12 Year Old Hazel
Age Appearance: 8-12
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Any
Very adventurous and energetic, young Hazel is at a point in her life where she has to change rethink what she’s always known as she grows older.

5 Year Old Hazel
Age Appearance: 5-7
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Any
The youngest verson of Hazel. She is confident, carefree and innocent. She is untainted by reality.

Hazel’s Mother
Age Appearance: 40-59
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Any
Very involved single mother of Hazel. She is clearly emotional about her daughter’s move.

Hazel’s Father
Age Appearance: 30-45
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Any
Seen alongside Hazel when she was younger but absent in the present-day. Hazel’s father is more of the ”fun parent”, and he appears to have shared a special bond with Hazel at one point.

Age Appearance: 8-12
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Any
Hazel’s old best friend and neighbor from her childhood. Noah accompanies young Hazel on her adventures.

Video audition requirements –
1. Please introduce yourself and the role you are auditioning for.

2. Explain your interest in this role.

3. Prepare a 1 minute monologue of your own choice (demonstrate your acting abilities).

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Orlando, FL
Please submit to: lily.barfield@icloud.com

This casting notice was posted by: Lily Barfield




I Want A New House

Location: Orlando, FL

Type: Reality TV



Is your existing house driving you CRAZY! Do you find yourself daydreaming of a new home? Do you wonder if the grass is greener on the other side?

Pink Sneakers Productions is NOW CASTING energetic & fun young couples who would LOVE to share their story!

Whether you find yourself fantasizing of the perfect home or are just UNHAPPY with the one you’re in… tell us about it!


Email us with your contact info, story, and current photos!

City or Location of call: Orlando, FL
Please submit to: sammyjo@oakzmedia.com

This casting notice was posted by: Pink Sneakers Productions

Casting now …

Diamond HempBarefoot Blonde Hair

Are You Terrible at Baking? Now Casting New Major Cable Network Pilot!

Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV

Do your attempts at baking birthday cakes leave you fuming? Fed up with your baking looking nothing like the recipe and tasting even worse?

We are looking for self-confessed “bad bakers” from across the United States (ideally California) to take part in filming a pilot for a major cable network!

If you want to transform your baking skills with help from the best – apply today! Nominations are also welcome.

Email your name, telephone number, baking fail explanations and photos to: BAKING@RAW.CO.UK

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: baking@raw.co.uk

This casting notice was posted by: Raw TV

Casting Lead Role in Orlando Now


Now casting for a lead role in a new exciting digital series.

Location: Orlando, Fl

Type: Web series


I’m 23 years old and this girl loves fashion. I have a vlog on YouTube called AllofTori. As well as a Twitter, Facebook Page, Insta, and even a musical.ly profile. I’m pretty much everywhere online. Even have a few billboards up in the Orlando area with my face on them. It’s a little strange but people love me. I talk about all sorts of things that I like on the vlog. Everything from fashion tips to life hacks.

I still enjoy family time, so I take a day off from class and the life of being an influencer to spend time with my brother, Victor. We go on all kinds of adventures together. Like zip-lining, exploring haunted areas of town, and going to the numerous beaches around Florida. I love traveling to different states and maybe even Europe. I feel like I have a personal connection to the old world. But I have never been. Fingers crossed.
A few of my personal passions are old buildings, Give Kids the World Village, and I am not afraid to get dirty. Nature is OK with me.

Auditions are open nationwide, and you may apply as long as you could to a Skype or FaceTime interview.

Also looking for a Male around 25 who can do some basic cooking to play Tori’s brother, Victor.

City or Location of call: Orlando, Fl
Please submit to: bluewaves@mail.com by 2018-08-01

Casting now …

TicketLiquidatorBarefoot Blonde Hair

Acting Auditions in Orlando Florida for 7 Roles in “NRAmerica”


Location: Orlando, FL

Type: Film

If you fit one of the 7 roles below and can work as a local hire, please send your headshot, resume, and reel (if you have one) to casting@eaglenebulaproductions.com. Indicate the role you are applying for in the subject line. Auditions will be requested via self-tape.

Society has embraced radical policies in order to end gun violence. Schools resemble prisons and carrying a gun has become as common as carrying a cell phone. Amanda survives a shooting at “the safest school in the country.” Shattered and broken, she must choose between the love of her family and her own opposing beliefs.

7 to 10 years old, Caucasian female. Internal and thoughtful, Amanda has grown up in a gun-avid world in which she feels increasingly uncomfortable. She has strong opinions, but she fears sharing them with her disapproving family.
7 to 10 years old, Black/African American female. Amanda’s outgoing and fun-loving best friend. She brings the best out of her often reserved friend.
15 to 17 years old, Hispanic male. Teenage Amanda’s kind and supportive friend who does his best to make her happy.
35 to 45 years old, Caucasian male. Stern, conservative, and devoted to protecting his family, he loves his daughter Amanda deeply, but maintains that his convictions are correct, even in the face of guilt and tragedy.
35 to 45 years old, Caucasian female. Busy, loving mom who accepts the status quo of a gun-avid society.
30 to 40 years old, Caucasian male. A reclusive substitute teacher, he isolates himself in his apartment, choosing to reject the world until he reaches his breaking point. School shooter.
12 to 15 years old, Caucasian male. Amanda’s older brother, he resembles his father in ideology.

Non Union.
Rate of Pay: $125/day
Casting Director: Claudine Quadrat
Producer: David Penn
Director: Albert Soratorio
Writer: Robert Shearer
Shoot Dates: 08/27/2018, 08/28/2018, 08/29/2018, 08/30/2018, 08/31/2018, 09/01/2018, 09/02/2018

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Orlando, FL
Please submit to: casting@eaglenebulaproductions.com by 2018-07-14

This casting notice was posted by: Eagle Nebula Productions

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Barefoot Blonde Hair

Casting now in Orlando Florida


Logline: A young girl who craves her mother’s attention, follows her ways in the effort to gain intimacy.

Writer/Director: Yanta Antoine
Script: 15-20 pages
Potential shooting date: 7/15-7/17/2018- all day

Character breakdown- ALL ACTORS MUST BE 18+ IN REAL LIFE


-Role age: 16 yrs old

– Gender: Female

– Ethnicity: African American

Mom (supporting)

– Role age 32 yrs old

– Gender: Female

-Ethnicity: African American

Demetrius- Mom’s Bf (Supporting)

– Role age: Late 30’s

-Gender: Male

-Ethnicity: African American Mixed with either Caucasian or Hispanic

Matt Layla’s childhood Best Friend (Supporting)

– Any race

-Gender: Male

-Role age: 17

If you’re a match, interested, and available please contact via email Yurantaproductions@gmail.com