Diamond Hemp

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Type: Film

Casting “Flip The Script” a romantic comedy set around Julian Gray, a handsome philanderer who tries to change his ways when he meets the woman of his dreams.

African American
Vivacious and lively. Always speaks her mind. Loyal best friend to Simone.

Owner / Editor and Chief for a blog site.

African American
Handsome male of average height, and a bit uptight.

African American
Sassy, quick witted. Not your typical housewife. Married to Mark for three years. Wears the pants in the relationship.

AA / Latino
Strikingly beautiful. Owner of a successful clothing boutique. Ex-fiance of Julian and the first woman to ever break his heart.

African American
Femme fatale. A very devious and cunning business woman who gets what she wants by any means.

Mr. Harding
African American
Father of Simone

Jackie’s secretary

Male or female in their early 30’s.

Attractive woman in her early 20’s – early 30s.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Philadelphia, PA
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Logans Corner Productions



Ashley Homestore

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Type: Modeling


Please read below and apply if you are available and fit the requirements.

WHAT – This is for a corporate hair model job. At a hair model job you will sit, stand, or walk the runway while industry professionals discuss your hair in order for our clients to market their brand/product via an live audience, photos, or video.

AUDITION DATE – Saturday morning November 10th

RATES & DATES OF PAY IF YOU BOOK – $750.00 minus 10% TOTAL – ($250 – 10% for prep, $500 – 10% for the event)
REQUESTED SIZE REQUIREMENTS – dress size 0-6 for females, 5’8 (typically 1 inch shorter is ok)
REQUESTED AGE RANGE – must be legally 18 and appearing 30 or younger
TALENT BREAKDOWN – We need 16 female models; all ethnicities. They are looking for a large variety of models. Below are some of their specific requests which are not very detailed, so basically if you are open to some degree of hair change and can make the casting; it’s worth a shot.

  • We are looking for light and dark brunettes, blondes, and redhead models open to cutting.
  • We are looking for a model with any length willing to go any variation of red including coppery or violet.
  • We are looking for a blonde who’s willing to have a little creative color, either super vibrant or pastel versions.
  • Open to anything, example balayage or all over color.
  • We also need models with “long nail beds”.
  • No changes will be made unless you agree to them. This will be discussed at the audition with the stylist. We cannot work with weaves, wigs, extensions, or braided hair.

Please reply to this email and include the following:
1. Please title your email “LAS VEGAS”. Please put this in the subject line.
2. Attach one selfie to show your current hair, one full length shot, and one shot of your choice.
3. Please also state your name, height, dress size, and best contact phone number & email.


• Do not double submit with us or another company.
• Do not include your photos in the body of the email. You must attach them.
• Do not send us a link to other photos. It will not be followed.
• Please do not submit photos of you in sunglasses, a hat, or your hair pulled back. Please do not submit black and whites or overly filtered photos such as those taken on Snapchat.

A free registration invitation will be sent to those who qualify.

ABOUT US – We have been booking talent for hair and beauty shows for over 14 years. All talent must apply, be approved, and register to attend the casting which is all FREE. If you book you make money, if you don’t you don’t. That’s it. We do not sell or promote any products or brands.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Philadelphia, PA
Please submit to:

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Diamond Hemp

Toy brand commercial looking for families (kids between 1-7 years old)

Location: Miami and Philadelphia

Type: TV Commercial

Hey There families,
If live you in Philadelphia, PA or Miami, FL and have kids between 1-7 years old…
A Legitimate MAJOR TOY BRAND is looking to help deserving families this holiday season. Feel free to nominate someone and spread the word.
This is for a web commercial for the toy company.
Quick turnaround —so apply soon!

-Is someone coming home from the military for the holidays?
Are you a working parent who wants to play more with your kid(s), but have no time?


Stay at home parent that are overwhelmed with housework etc…and can’t find time to play?
-Can you not afford toys for your kids?
-Parents that don’t have a backyard? (live in apt etc..)
-Parents that are fostering multiple children?
-Special needs parents?
-Blended families? Adoptive Families?

What will you get you ask? A BIG TOY DELIVERY and Some Cash !
SHHHHH…. PLEASE don’t tell the kids if you apply…LETS KEEP IT A SURPRISE!
Tell me why you deserve this opportunity in a short email. Feel free to share this email with friends and family.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Miami and Philadelphia
Please submit to:

Casting now …

2017 Women's Health Beauty Awards Winner - Clean Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray Lavender and Lemon


Location: Philadelphia, PA

Type: Theater

Casting Notice:
Seeking Non-Union Talent


Character Descriptions

Singers and Actors needed, Paid.

Ms.Rosie- 40-55 years old
looked Native American, she is very sweet and loving. Very mild mannered, yet protective of her girls… but she looks worn from a hard life of living on a farm and raising so many children as a child herself

Clara- 20-27
could pass for a white woman, tall thin, and classy… very bright and inquisitive personality…. She is sassy, determined, strong, fearless, very matronly and very helpful to Ms. Rosie. Promiscuous early in life to get off the farm and reserved later in life due to her relationship with God

Cicely- 23-30 beautiful caramel complexion with curly black hair. She is independent, not the matronly type, use to getting the attention of men early on… she is shapely and on the thicker side… sweet but definitely has an edge to her. Promiscuous and uses what she has to get what she wants

Hamilton- 25-30 AA male
tall, built and very handsome! He is strong and very protective of his family and sisters from young. He is sensitive and caring but at the same time very much a mans man and does all of chores on the farm. He’s also trying to fill Poppa’s shoes and keep his sisters in check

Gladys- 24-29
very fair skinned and beautiful! She is on the proper side, she spoke well and was very classy. Although she hung out with her sisters on occasions, she had a life of her own. You can tell by the way that she carries herself that she’s a little more poised than the rest of the sisters, but never acts that way towards them

Fanny- 24-30
beautiful, butterscotch complexion! She is never around, very elusive in her interactions with her sisters! She has a life outside of them and it’s clear that they are not invited to share in it

Betty- 18-26
Beautiful, caramel complexion, tall and thin. She is very kind and supportive of her sisters. She’s the baby of the fist bunch of kids, so she’s loved by all. She’s well spoken, very bright and carries herself like a lady at all times.

James- 25-30
fine as hell! Built, chocolate complexion, beautiful smile… panty melter – well dressed and very business savvy, yet private and protective of his business affairs. Very laid back personality that can go from 0 to 100 in a second. Raised by the streets but also has a very loving and respectful side

Mr. Silverstein- 60-65
white, older man with salt and pepper hair! Well dressed with an upbeat personality, and positive outlook on the world. Very family and community oriented. He’s very respectful towards the black community and helps a lot of families during an era where it was not the popular opinion

Cathy- 24-30
very beautiful , caramel complexion! Wild outgoing personality… no filter, says whatever comes to her mind! She’s afraid of nothing! She cusses, fusses, drinks booze and smokes… very free spirit! In the closet lesbian

Jake- 30-35
very handsome Italian gentleman! Very fond of the black community and Cicely! Very wealthy and street smart… it’s assumed that he’s a gangster and affiliated with the mob and always smokes cigars

Ernestine- 25-30
beautiful dark cocoa brown, her hair isn’t as straight as the other sisters. She’s a big boned tough girl that stays to herself. She has a no nonsense attitude and isn’t one to show love… but she’s quick to defend her family and does whatever’s necessary to help our. She’s not as fast as the other sisters but still ends up pregnant early just like them

Juanita & Eldridge- 6-9cute kids

Bea- 15-17
beautiful brown skin, looks Native American with short, black wavy hair! She is medium height (taller than Cathy) with a medium build. She dresses like a man which is very uncommon in those days. She is confident, strong, protective, and extremely street smart. She’s intimidating to men and woman

Ensemble- all ethnicities 18-40 years
Must be a great singer!

City or Location of call: Philadelphia
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Casting Director-Cyndi lane

Auditions in NYC …

Sixt Car Rental

Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes

Location: Nationwide

Type: Theater

Radio City Productions is pleased to announce special August auditions for Rockettes to perform in the 2018 production of The Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes in New York City.

American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA) contract with competitive salary and benefits including 401(k) plan and year-round health insurance. Rockettes must be between 5’6″ and 5’10 1/2″ tall (measurements will be taken in stocking feet). Rockettes candidates must be proficient in ballet, tap, and jazz.

Open Call Auditions will be held at Radio City in New York on August 6th. For more information, visit

All candidates must audition in person. No online submissions will be accepted.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: See above for url

This casting notice was posted by: Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes